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Make a statement this formal season. Browse our selection of designer formal dresses, to suit every style and dress code.


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$109 rental$475 retail$76.30 rental
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$99 rental$600 retail$69.30 rental
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$99 rental$899 retail$69.30 rental
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$79 rental$389 retail$55.30 rental
$79 rental$389 retail$55.30 rental
$79 rental$389 retail$55.30 rental
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Formal Dresses for Hire

Take the stress out of finding the perfect formal dresses with GlamCorner’s extensive selection of formal wear to suit every style and dress code.

Whether it is a school formal, a formal wedding, or a formal red carpet event that you are preparing for, we have got plenty of gorgeous formal dresses and formal clothes for you to slip into. From the sophistication of long formal dresses to playful prints that are perfectly suited for your next cocktail event, GlamCorner is here to help you RSVP in style.

A flexible and sustainable solution, formal dress hire allows you to try out a few different styles without breaking the bank. It is all the fun of shopping for formal dresses, in other words, without any of the stress. We will even take care of the dry cleaning for you!

From the timeless romance of Leo and Lin’s diaphanous formal dresses to playful By Johnny details. And from the effortless elegance of Talulah’s cocktail dresses to a bold Rebecca Vallance statement – by way of a plunging neckline or a thigh high split – our designer formal dresses have got something for everyone.

Whatever the occasion, GlamCorner has got just the elegant formal dresses for you.