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Formal Gowns & Floor-Length Dresses for Hire

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$109 rental$475 retail$76.30 rental
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$79 rental$389 retail$55.30 rental
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Gowns and floor-length dresses are absolutely beautiful for those special events in life, whether you’re a bridesmaid, going to a formal or a black tie function. Our gown collection has something for everyone with delicate lace to stunning sequin styles that showcase everything from mermaid skirts, to deep v-necklines. We even have jumpsuits for those a little more daring! These gowns can be worn year round, and are each absolutely timeless in their designs!These gorgeous gowns will leave an unforgettable impression no matter the occasion. Dress yours up with a simple pod clutch to let the glam of your dress do all the talking, or pair with some statement jewellery to really add a dash of sparkle.