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Founded in 2015, Leo & Lin is inspired by the independent woman who strives to look their best! With modern silhouettes and luxury tailoring, their designs are both feminine and romantic embracing the minimalist trend. Crafted with elegance and built on quality, the designer believes every woman is an individual who is a realist, a dreamer, cultured and independent.

With a largely minimalistic approach to contemporary design, Leo & Lin dresses provide us with gorgeous fabric textures with intricate lace details, exquisite cut-outs, soft ruffle trims, and metallic shades. From off shoulder midis to full tiered length gowns, Leo & Lin is perfect for the fashionable girl! Whether you’re looking for a prom event, spring wedding dress or work function - you’ll be sure to turn heads! Read our blog post on ‘Ultimate School Formal Guide ’ for more style inspiration!