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Catherine Deane was established in London in 2005; a label inspired by the nomadic lifestyle of its designer. These dresses take cues from cultural practices and craftsmanship worldwide, with an emphasis on traditional techniques. With a hint of modern simplicity, each dress is uniquely feminine, wearable and timeless. Each of Catherine Deane’s dresses is designed with the female form in mind, with silhouettes that flatter a variety of figures. These dresses are at once glamorous and understated, and work equally well for a work function and for a ball or gala.

Embrace your inner wanderess when you choose Catherine Deane.With demure, and perfectly-cut v-necks, combined with delicate lace, and gorgeous, flowing, floor-length gowns, and stunning, eye-catching colours, it’s difficult not to fall in love with this unique style. You’ll be the centre of attention in one of these exotic dresses, perfect for gala events, black-tie weddings, or even school formals!